Blade and Rose

Blade and Rose 品牌介紹

Blade and Rose 這個英國嬰幼兒服飾品牌, 要大讚他們引領潮流的屁屁褲, 圖案吸引而且非常舒適。設計師Amanda Peffer 是兩位小朋友的母親。 這個品牌對他來說很有意義, 因為此品牌在她放產假期間建立,公司名 Blade and Rose 並以她孩子的中間名命名。
Blade and Rose 屁屁褲,每款都有獨特的設計。採用優質彈力面料 (Cotton Nylon Spandex)  質料非常好。 屁屁褲頭是無縫高腰設計,不箍肚子彈力非常好,也不會感覺焗身。可以放入衣機清洗。 最重要的是,非常柔軟舒服適合寶寶嬌嫩和柔軟的皮膚。
Blade and Rose 現在也推出了很多不同的嬰兒服飾產品, 如長袖衫, 襪仔 , 襪鞋 , 雨鞋 , 冷帽, 外套等等.... 全部都非常容易配襯,非常吸引。

Blade & Rose is growing into a leading British children’s clothing brand specialising in a trendsetting range of leggings and clothing accessories. The company was set up by mother of two, Amanda Peffer.  She set up the business during maternity leave and named the company after her childrens middle name ‘Blade’ and ‘Rose’.

These are top quality leggings, each with their own unique and trademark design on the bottom. Blade and Rose Leggings are designed to ensure that the quality of the fabric is durable, functional, washes well and most importantly, is soft and kind to children’s delicate skin.