Poco Nido

【PocoNido 英設計品牌 100%品質保證】

是一雙擁有強烈時尚感及環保概念的嬰兒學行鞋品牌,主要商品是嬰幼兒手工嬰兒鞋。 品牌設計採用簡單與大膽的圖案,100% 純棉鞋身配搭頂級猄皮鞋底。Poco Nido 你推薦為寶寶第一雙鞋的首選。

Poco Nido is a British brand offering shoes, accessories and apparel for babies and children, each one full of colour and fun. The products themselves are simple and functional. The bright palette, unique patterns and original graphics make this collection eye catching, refreshing and unique. Mini shoes offer the perfect combination of barefoot and shoe in colourful suede and cotton.