Parents today are busier than ever and gearing up for their outings with their young ones takes quite a bit of planning and packing. This seal represents SMART solution for on-the-go challenges and features at least one of the following design criteria – stacking, interlocking, nesting, adjustable, and expandable to travel compact and organized. 

With many moms going back to the workforce while breastfeeding, finding the right transitional bottle is important, especially when they decide to combine breastfeeding with bottle feeding. This seal represents SMART solution for breastfeeding mothers, weaning babies, and babies with feeding challenges. 

In order to keep our young ones healthy, we want to build healthy eating habits and introduce healthy foods like vegetables, whole grain, and fruits from early on. This seal represents SMART solution to make meal time fun so that even the pickiest eaters can become healthy eaters. 

Healthy eating starts with homemade food. With our busy lives, it is very difficult to make a gourmet meal every day. This seal represents SMART solution for keeping food fresh to preserve nutrients and freshness. These freezer-friendly solutions are perfect for making meals ahead of time, but also perfect for on the go with its airtight seal. 

Transitioning from nursing or bottle-feeding to a regular cup is a great milestone for babies. This seal represents SMART solution for transitioning and teaching toddlers to confidently drink from a cup while minimizing mess for parents. It features design elements to meet challenges of both toddlers and parents, including easy continuous flow, easy grip, easy-to-clean design, and spill-proof straw.


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