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Shopa Baby (Hong Kong) established in 2013 and trademark in Hong Kong. All our products bring Joy and Peach of mind to moms and babies with each handpicked brands and goody.

We stock the safest, unique and durable range of products from around the world.
Our range and collections are always expanding and we love what we do and we couldn't do it without your support. 
Thank you so much for visiting and shopping with us. Our team will try a little better and work a little harder every day.
We love seeing you soon again!
Distribution Brand: Innobaby , Poco Nido , Blade and Rose , Puchimama, Babysoy
Shopa Baby代理與經銷的各項國外優質商品, 讓大家能夠容易又輕鬆地購買到由Shopa Baby所嚴選代理與進口的商品.
用心對待每位顧客 聆聽不同客人意見 能令我地所搜羅的産品更加贴心啱用更能深受媽媽們的喜愛   
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