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Noodoll 英國手製嬰兒安撫公仔,每個公仔造型都是設計師特別設計。造型可愛吸引,寶寶對他們有一種情有獨鍾的感覺。陪伴他們度過怏樂的每一天。

產品全部人手製造,公仔外殼從台灣生產,之後再發到英國工場人手縫製。 所有棉花等物料都是英國進口棉花,衛生又安全。

Noodoll 公仔系列有3個尺寸30cm大箍臣,18cm中尺寸 和 10cm初生嬰兒尺碼。公仔系列會不停有新成員加入㗎!大家記得密切留意啦。

Noodoll is a fun, bold, design-led brand. Noodoll collections will always brighten your day and fuel your imagination. These colourful, practical designs offer a fun alternative to help you out with all your normal daily tasks.
Alongside Noodoll's own collection we work with some of our favorite illustrators and designers to produce the Noodoll's Friends range, a stationery collection featuring fun characters and striking designs!
All Noodoll Monsters are Handmade with LOVE from UK